Things We Are Thankful For This Thanksgiving (Canadian That Is)…

Things We Are Thankful For This Thanksgiving (Canadian That Is)…



Who doesn’t love Thanksgiving?  Food and a lot of it is consumed on Thanksgiving.  So when you are kicking back on your sofa digesting your meal take a moment to think about all the things that you are thankful for.  Here is our list.


No list of things to be thankful for would be complete without Hockey.  Hockey as we know it was first played in Montreal on March 3, 1875. The Stanley Cup, the Holy Grail for ice hockey supremacy, was first awarded in 1893 to recognize the Canadian amateur champion. Later the Stanley Cup became the coveted championship trophy of the NHL.

Oh wait did we mention the mad hockey skills Canadians have? The Canadian men have taken gold at three of the last four Olympics, and the women have dominated the last four Winter Games in a row. There is even a picture of kids playing hockey on the $5 bill, for crying out loud!


French fries, gravy and cheese curds all piled together in a heaping platter of goodness. Enough said.

Our Sense of Humour

We are a pretty funny bunch!  Canada has produced some very well-known comedians: Jim Carrey, Mike Myers, Eugene Levy, Martin Short, Seth Rogan and Will Arnett just to name a few.

Hawaiian Pizza

Yes Hawaiian Pizza.  Who doesn’t love the combination of cheese, pineapple and you got it, Canadian Bacon!  Funnily enough Hawaiian Pizza didn’t originate in the Aloha State. It was actually created in 1962 by Sam Panopoulos at his pizza joint in Chatham, Ontario.  Thanks Sam!


We invented basketball!  Thanks to James Naismith, a McGill University phys-ed teacher, Canada lays claim to inventing basketball. Naismith invented the sport in 1891 while working at a U.S. college so we do have to give some credit to our neighbors to the south as well, but we can definitely call it our own!

Maple Syrup

In Canada there are just over 8,000 businesses who produce 80% of the Earth’s syrup.  The Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers wants to make sure that Canadians are always able to access it, regardless of nature’s supply so they have more than 220,000 barrels of Maple Syrup stored away in a warehouse… just in case.

Polar Bears

Canada has half the world’s population of Polar Bears!  More than 50% of our planet’s furry white guys hail from Canada.  To see one up close and personal is pretty easy.  Drive in a tundra buggy, canoe a river, or stay in a lodge during their migration route – chances are you will come across one.

Things Uniquely Canadian

We are one quirky bunch and proud of it.  Case in point, the University of Victoria offers a course called “The Science of Batman”. Seriously.  Where else in the world would a course like that be offered for university credit?

The Bloody Caesar.  It’s Canada’s national cocktail (I bet you didn’t know that!) and it is so much better than its American cousin the Bloody Mary.  Dress it up with a pickle or dress it down with celery it’s a national treasure.


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